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Acquire hands-on experience on all the services of Microsoft Azure from basic to the advanced level taught by real time industry experts with practical use cases at Microsoft azure online training and become a certified azure professional.

Microsoft Azure course training in Hyderabad

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Tech Marshals Academy is one of the Best Azure Course Training Institute in Hyderabad India. Azure training by Tech Marshals is designed to help you learn and master the subject with ease. If you are completely new to Azure Microsoft or wish to grow as an Azure Administrator, then go with Azure 103 training that includes managing subscriptions, resources, storage, virtual machines, and much more. If you want to expand your expertise in building cloud solutions.

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Azure Administrator Course Content

Chapter -1

Manage and subscription:
1. Introduction to Account and subscription
2. Azure Trail Account Creation
3. Demo Quotas Cost tagging
4. Billing alerts

Chapter -2

Analyse Resource Utilization and Consumption
1. Monitoring 101
2. Monitoring Capabilities
3. Azure Monitoring Alerts
4. Storage Diagnostics
5. Log Analytics overview

Chapter -3

Manage Resource Groups
1. Resource group 101
2. Resource Group and tagging
3. Resource locks
4. Azure Policies
5. Move Resource between Resource group

Chapter -4

Create and configure Storage Accounts
1. Storage Account 101
2. Storage Account Portal
3. Storage Explorer
4. AZ Copy
5. Manage Permission
6. Shared Access Signatures
7. Storage Keys
8. Custom Domains

Chapter -5

Import and Export Data to Azure
1. Import Export 101
2. Import export service
3. CDN service
4. Azure Files
5. Azure Backup
6. Azure MARS Backup

Chapter -6

Azure Virtual Machines
1. Virtual Machine 101
2. VM Types
3. VM Specialization
4. Compute Units
5. Regional limitation and Restricted username
6. Placement group
7. Custom Images
8. Custom Script Extension
9. VM Storage Overview
10. Azure Disk
11. Disk Caching
12. VM Scaling
13. Security Group
14. Load Balancers
15. App Gateway

Chapter -7

Azure Network
1. Azure Network 101
2. Azure network creation
3. Private DNS
4. Public DNS
5. Hybrid Connectivity Options
6. Routes and VNET peering
7. Name Resolution
8. Network Security group
9. Network Watcher

Chapter -8

Manage Azure Active Directory
1. Azure AD 101
2. Domain services
3. Azure AD
4. Create Azure AD tenant
5. Users and group creation
6. Self-Service
7. AD Connect
8. B2C and B2B
9. Azure Active directory domain service

Chapter -9

Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
1. ARM 101
2. Identity Design
3. ARM Templates
4. Query Resource Provider
5. ARM Functions
6. ARM Count Loops

Chapter -10

Azure Automation and Automation DSC
1. Azure Automation 101
2. Implement Runbooks
3. Azure VM Automation


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