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Tech Marshals is the one of the most trusted brand of hands-on trainings in Web Design trainings & certification courses in Hyderabad India, we will teach 100 % real time Training In hyderabad.

Tech Marshals is one of the Best Software Training Institute in Hyderabad India. Offers world class training on various trending software technologies in Hyderabad Join our Web Design Training Classes and Get trained By Real time Industry professionals more than 10+ Years Experience to get hands on experience. We provide Web Design classroom training in Ameerpet and Online trainings for students, and software professionals. Our training sessions covers all information from basic to advanced level. We ensure that tech marshals training institute is the Best Web Design Training institute in Hyderabad and Ameerpet.


  • Overview of Web Development
  • Types of WebPages
  • Types Of Languages
  • Introduction To HTML Structure Of HTML Tag
  • Block & Inline Elements
  • Box Model
  • What is HTML 5? Overview of HTML 5
  • HTML5 Syntax
  • Forms & Form Elements
  • HTML5 Form Attributes
  • HTML5 New Elements
  • Video And Audio
  • Migration from HTML4 to HTML5
  • Types Of Elements
  • HTML5 Deprecated Tags
  • Web Storage
  • Html5 Deprecated Attributes
  • Server Sent Events – One Way Messaging
  • App Cache or Offline Applications
  • Server Sent Events – One Way Messaging
  • MathML
  • App Cache or Offline Applications
  • Geolocation
  • Canvas Overview
  • Drag and Drop API
  • SVG
  • File API


  • Exploring Photoshop
  • Types of Images and Image Editing Tools
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Using Photoshop Tools
  • Palettes
  • Layers, Actions and Filters
  • Creating Custom Effects
  • Design Banners, Basic Website Layout
  • Conversation of PSD to XHTML

Dream Viewer

  • Understand web design
  • Set up your project
  • Structure web pages
  • Lay out web pages
  • Style text content
  • Add images and links
  • Create tables and forms
  • Test your website
  • Lay out web pages
  • Practice project: Create your first website
  • Style text content
  • Structure web pages
  • Add images and links
  • Design responsive websites


  • Types of StyleSheets
  • Types of Selectors
  • All CSS Properties
  • What’s new in css3.0?
  • CSS3 Generator
  • CSS3 Properties
  • Key frames


  • Intro to jQuery
  • Need of jQuery in real web sites
  • Advantages of jQuery
  • jQuery versions
  • Downloading jQuery UI
  • Importing
  • jQuery UI
  • Draggable
  • Droppable
  • Resizable

Our web design courses are inclusive of both knowledge and creativity in a design and client appeal oriented industry. As the perfect trainers in this field, we believe in amalgamating the technical knowledge and the technology trends to create efficient web designers who very well understand and fulfil the needs of the clients, following a holistic approach.

The hands-on experience and expertise of our professional trainers at Tech Marshals, truly complements our aim and course-structure in the direction of adding the right exposure and expertise element to all our students.

Our aim is to create the finest talent pool of web designers, significant and most sought in the industry!


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